Akshaya’s Birthday Fundraiser

In my opinion, education should be a right, not a privilege, yet there are over 57 million children worldwide that do not have access to a school. A non-profit organization, Asha for Education, is dedicated to provide schooling for every child in India. Instead of gifts, I ask for your generosity to help these deserving children by donating below. No donation is too small, every dollar counts. For more information about this organization, please visit: https://ashanet.org/

Thank you,
Akshaya Karanam

Event Details

Online Fundraiser

Fundraiser End Date
Monday, August 31st, 2020
11:00 pm

Asha for Education’s Registry of Hope provides you a wonderful way to let your friends and family know that you support their cause by making a donation gift in their name. Click here to see a list of past events.

To set up a registry for your event, please fill out this formThank you! webmaster@ashanet.org