In honor of children everywhere

Dear Friends,

It is with great pleasure that we share the anticipated arrival of our baby at the end of March, 2018. In honour of children everywhere, we would like to celebrate our happiness by promoting access to education, especially for those who are less fortunate than our child will be. Unmesh and I hold Asha for Education very dear to us- it is through volunteering for the organisation that we first met.

We believe that education has provided us with great opportunities, and are grateful to our families for their constant encouragement as we continue our educational pursuits. We know we will do the same for our child. We also know that this is not the case for millions across the world.

And so we request you to help us celebrate another big life event for us by donating to this wonderful cause ( just as we did when we got married), in order to help children in India with little to no means and resources when it comes to
access to primary/basic education, by supporting Asha for Education.

We are forever grateful for your love and support as always, and thank you in advance for honouring the newest member of the Pai/Jadhav household.

Our very best to you,
Unmesh and Tara.

Event Details


Friday, March 30th, 2018
5:00 pm


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